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What Are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

There are many reasons why choosing laminate flooring for your home is a great choice. Of course, the fact that laminate is more economical than hardwood is fantastic. But cost isn’t always the only consideration you need to take into account when you’re renovating your house or building a new one. Convenience, durability, and aesthetics are equally important. You want a floor that suits your budget, but also your lifestyle, and increases the value of your home.

Laminate flooring tends to replicate the look of real timber better than hybrid flooring. Laminate flooring has bevelled edges, so it’s look more like real timber without paying the price of engineered timber. Here are some more benefits that may help you with your decision.


Laminate is highly durable and scratch resistant

Australia is blessed with a beautiful climate, however, just as our skin can take a beating from the sun, so can our homes. Ultraviolet rays can cause carpets in a house to fade over time, whereas laminate flooring is more fade resistant. It must be said any floating floor can be susceptible to fading if climatic conditions aren’t regulated. For instance, if you go on a 3 months holiday and your laminate flooring is exposed to direct sunlight with a closed up house for months, it can cause some fading. The golden rule is if you manage your internal climatic conditions correctly , then you wont have any issues with your flooring.

Laminate flooring is simply to best choice for busy households that have kids, pets and lots of people over. It’s number 1 for scratch resistancy and durability.

Ask us about the scratch test on laminate flooring compared to other flooring and it will win hands down everytime.

Low maintenance

Laminate flooring is low maintenance

All you need is a mop.

When you want to clean your laminate floor, you just sweep it and then give it a swipe with a damp mop. In fact, manufacturers of laminate floors recommend you only use water when cleaning your floors, and avoid using harmful chemicals that may render your products warranty invalid.

The low maintenance feature also makes laminate flooring an excellent option for a busy family. You don’t need to waste your precious spare time spot cleaning as you would with carpets, or waxing and polishing with other timber products. You also don’t require the costly services of specialist cleaners. No-one wants to add maintenance or service costs to their monthly budget. With laminate floors, you won’t need to. We recommend www.bona.com.au for all your floor cleaning solutions.

Laminate flooring is healthier

Not having to rely on chemicals for cleaning your home has health benefits too. Some homeowners, and particularly their children, are sensitive to the chemicals required to clean carpets and other flooring. Another bonus? Because you only need water to wash your laminate flooring, you’re being kinder to the environment too.

Laminate flooring is also non-allergenic. Melbourne, in particular, is not a great environment for those that suffer from asthma and other forms of allergic conditions. Laminate flooring doesn’t harbour dust, pollens, and animal hair or dust mites. The underlayment also creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from damage but has the added advantage of preventing mould from forming. These factors make it a healthier choice of flooring.

Easy to install

Laminate is easy to install and versatile

Laminate flooring is also suitable for most homes and building conditions. Not all hardwoods are compatible with all sub-floors. Laminate can be installed on virtually any sub-floor type, including concrete and timber floors, and can also tolerate small undulations in the sub-floor. We offer a full installation service using our preferred professional installers. We only work with installers that have a solid track record and have the necessary experience to do quality sub-floor levelling and installation.

Laminate flooring can be used for all interior spaces too, excluding wet areas like bathrooms. The trend of modern living means that homeowners now prefer open plan spaces and good flow in their homes. Using laminate flooring instead of a mismatch of tiles, carpets and other flooring gives a home a seamless, contemporary flow. From the kitchen to the lounge room or bedrooms, you can achieve a consistent look and feel with laminate.

At Karma Flooring we have a vast range of colour tones to choose from, which includes traditional options such as Australian species and a huge range of oaks.

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