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Installing laminate flooring into your home is a significant investment. Homeowners naturally want to shop around to find the right product, at a reasonable price, for their home. This is what we help our customers do.

Karma Flooring is a factory direct warehouse, which means we buy our products direct from the manufacturers. This enables us to pass on a saving of up to 50% on to our customers. We’re different from many of our competitors in that we aren’t a flooring clearing centre. Flooring clearance centres clear excess stock. They’re not necessarily focused on helping customers find a flooring solution that matches their requirements. Karma Flooring, on the other hand, is focused on working closely with our customers to determine the right product choice for their lifestyle and budget.

We offer a personalised service

When you walk into our showroom in Bayswater Melbourne, you’ll be helped by the owner of Karma Flooring, Rick, or one of our trained floor staff. We value spending time with our customers in the showroom and asking them questions. We know that spending this one-on-one time makes a difference to the showroom experience and the outcome when our customers make a product choice.

Many of our competitors in the laminate flooring market will recommend a product to a customer based on the price, a special they’re running, or on the colour of the product. At Karma Flooring we ask the right questions. This includes the condition of your current flooring, what your lifestyle is like and the look you want to achieve. We’re genuinely interested in matching the product with our customers’ budgets and needs.

We also believe transparency is essential. If we can’t find a match that closely suits our customers’ particular requirements, we’ll recommend an alternative solution. It’s this personal attention and transparency that sets us apart from other laminate floor retailers.

We only sell premium quality flooring

As a factory direct seller of laminate flooring, we can also pass on the savings to our customers. This means we don’t have to compromise the quality of flooring to be able to offer competitive rates. Flooring clearance retailers are focused on clearing excess stock so the quality of what they’re selling can differ substantially. It comes down to selling what stock they get in, not the best quality products available in the market.

Karma Flooring has consistent quality. We sell superior grade laminate flooring compared to most of the retailers. We’re able to offer a 15- to a 25-year warranty on the laminate flooring we sell. We know we have a quality offering because of the niche builders that choose to work with us. They continue buying from us because of our consistency in quality and price. They know they’re not going to have any comeback on their work months down the line. They can be confident they’ve installed a superior floor.

The quality of our product offering comes down to a few factors. Firstly, the top layer of the laminate flooring we sell comes with an AC5 scratch rating, the highest grade you can get. This means it’s scratch, fade and stain proof. It’ll look as good as it was the day it was installed 20 years down the line.

The top layer of our laminate flooring is also embossed, giving the flooring a grainy, natural feel. It’s hard to tell that it’s not a natural wood product once it’s laid. We sell products that have a high-density fibre core (HDF), compared to a medium density fibre (MDF) core that many retailers sell. If you combine these two factors, it makes the laminate flooring that Karma Flooring sells hard wearing and durable, along with the appeal of a natural timber looking floor.

We only work with the best installers

Another reason Karma Flooring is able to offer our customers a quality service is that we always know who’s laying the floor. Many of the large retail stores will book in any installer that’s available for the job. We only work with certified, professional, experienced installers. Karma Flooring offers a warranty on the flooring, and the qualified installers provide a warranty on the installation. They’re willing to do this because they know we’ve sold the customer the appropriate, high-quality product.

We simplify the decision making process

The choices of laminate flooring can be overwhelming for customers, which is why Karma Flooring has developed unique, simple price lists they can easily refer to. The spreadsheets we provide give a precise breakdown of costs based on the size of the area that’s being laid. They break down the price of the underlay and the panels. Customers can add the two numbers to get an accurate idea of the amount. This is another way that Karma Flooring offers a personalised service to our customers.

One of the most rewarding parts of choosing laminate flooring is deciding on the colour. But this can be both intimidating and confusing for customers. That’s why we offer the option of borrowing sample pieces. All the flooring available on the Karma Flooring website is displayed in our showroom. How will it look in your home? Being able to see the flooring in different light conditions really helps make the right decision.

Some retailers offer small samples, but we encourage our clients to try a few full floorboard samples in their home environment. This gives them a realistic experience of how the flooring will look and feel in their home.

By spending time with our customers, asking the right questions and educating them about their options, Karma Flooring is able to help our customers choose the best laminate flooring – for their needs and budget. It’s a significant investment for homeowners, and if they don’t get the right advice upfront, they could end spending more.

We’re waiting to help you

Visit our Bayswater showroom and chat to the Karma Flooring owner Rick or one of our highly trained floor staff. We’ll talk you through the critical factors that guide you when choosing a laminate flooring that suits your needs and sticks to your budget. Whether you’re renovating yourself, or need an installer, we can help with the right knowledge and provide professional assistance.