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Composite Decking

Composite Decking now available from Karma Flooring. We have partnered up with the best composite decking company in Australia, being WOODEVO. Decking has come a long way in recent years. Composite decking is fade-resistant and has a high tolerance against the burning sun. There are many factors when shopping for composite decking. All of the decking is fully capped which means each board has a coating surrounding the whole board which protects your decking from rotting, fading and bowing.

We use majority recycled materials and the very latest technology to create what we believe is the most attractive composite boards in Australia. These boards will outperform, outprice and outlast other composites on the market.

Woodevo are always improving their products to keep up with customer needs and to offer the end customer the very best.

The Home and the Home+ range are identical in price but have a couple of minor differences.

The Home range currently is made up of recycled plastic & a blend of hardwoods. The use of hardwoods makes the boards stronger but will attract and retain less heat than competing composites who use a blend of all types of recycled timber. Bamboo, contained in many other composites, will produce weaker boards with a higher thermal mass, resulting in hotter boards than its hardwood counterparts.

For the Home+ range, we have selected a specific hardwood, which provides greater strength & lowers the temperature even further. All of the Home boards will be transitioned to this composition.

All of the Home and Home+ boards have an R11 anti slip rating and one of the highest heat resistance & scratch resistance in a fully capped board, that has been achieved across all competitive composites to date. Which makes them one of the top leading composites on the Aussie market.

The Home+ range also has the added benefit of being BAL-29 rated. Making it the most affordable fire rated composite in Australia.

Home Advanced
Offers a huge upgrade at an affordable price!

R13/P5 Anti slip rating, the only product out of 2 in the whole of Australia who has achieved this rating. You can easily test this on the show room floor and see the difference between R11 & R13. The numbers sound small but the difference is huge.

Advanced cooling technology. Long story short, the absence of timber in the composite, and its honeycomb composition mean that it attracts and retains far less heat. Coupled with ASA capping which is a thermal insulator which prevents the heat from passing on to the board, thus significantly reducing heat retention in the board.

Advanced scratch resistance on the boards throughout all products.

BAL 29 rating on all Home Advanced boards, and 2mm clip system or screw and plug system which means that you can use standard treated pine sub floor and still comply with fire rated area 3mm gaps!

Lastly a massive 30 year warranty for residential use and unprecedented 15 year warranty for commercial use!

Our warranty includes:
• Protection against colour fading, ensuring the boards will not fade (in either range). Colour fade warranty is only ever offered with the top composite brands
• The product will not splinter, rot, split or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay under normal use and proper service conditions.
• Product will be free of manufacturing defects.

When comparing composites, you may find some products that are marginally cheaper, but you are not comparing apples with apples.

Essentially, the poor man pays twice. You will save money in the long run by spending just a little bit more on a product that will outperform, outprice and outlast other composites and have a really attractive deck that people will compliment you on forever.

Come check our displays of decking in our Bayswater, Epping and Traralgon stores.

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